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Bariatric Support Groups

The bariatric support group at Lenox Hill Hospital offers excellent follow up support for those who have undergone weight loss surgery and is open to all who are considering surgery. Our bariatric support group is open to all patients who have undergone or are considering bariatric surgery.

Benefits of a Support Group

Bariatric seminars and support groups are a valuable tool in getting the best possible results from bariatric weight loss surgery. Group discussions often make the efforts required for positive results seem less daunting. Many individuals find encouragement in talking with other bariatric surgery patients who are facing similar challenges. In addition, listening to success stories from previous patients may provide encouragement for those just beginning their weight loss journey.

The variety of discussion topics are designed to provide support for patients at every stage of the process. Guest speakers include past patients, staff members, surgeons, and even occasionally national experts in the field. The diversity of speakers and topics makes every single session informative, and hopefully, fun.

Have you had bariatric surgery or are you considering it in the near future? If so, we encourage you to attend a Lenox Hill Hospital bariatric support group meeting. Call 1-888-949-9344 if you want additional information about our bariatric seminar or any other topic on our website.

We invite you to bring a friend or family member for support. 

Each meeting includes directed discussions on one or more specific topics. These topics are valuable both for post-surgical participants and potential candidates.

Sample Topics Include:

  • Advice for overcoming emotional eating hurdles
  • Food choices and meal planning to meet nutritional needs
  • The fitness center and how to best take advantage of it
  • What constitutes a healthy menu when dining out and where to find such menus
  • Grocery shopping tips

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Please call 1-888-949-9344 for more information regarding the surgical weight-loss support groups available at Lenox Hill Hospital.

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