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Revision Bariatric Surgery New York, NY

Our practice evaluates patients from around the world who have had previous weight loss, gastric, or esophageal procedures. Lenox Hill Hospital is a true referral center with internationally renowned physicians. The combination of expertise, experience, and insight to develop novel weight loss surgery procedures allows for detailed analysis and optimal decision making. Your care team can involve multiple physicians with unique niche specialties, which differentiates Lenox Hill Bariatric Surgery Program from most institutions. They are supported by a supportive group of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered dietitians. Furthermore, Lenox Hill Hospital is ranked as a national leader in multiple specialties including gastrointestinal surgery.

All bariatric procedures are not equivalent. Understanding why they work and how the surgical anatomy functions is imperative for proper evaluation and treatment. A thorough explanation of your current anatomy and how it relates to either the problems you are encountering or weight regain is required. This will be followed by options to correct and the risks and benefits of the new procedure.

We regularly evaluate common issues such as weight regain or gastric reflux following sleeve gastrectomy, complications from lap banding, weight regain and hypoglycemia (low blood sugars) following gastric bypass, and excessive weight loss and deficiencies from distal bypass or duodenal switch procedures. Our practice receives referrals and inquiries from surgeons throughout the world. We have published and presented on these complex issues and hope we can help you. For more information about revision weight loss surgery in New York City Or Manhattan, contact us today!

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