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Tips to Consider When Eating Out After Weight Loss Surgery

Tips to Consider When Eating Out After Weight Loss Surgery


Undergoing bariatric surgery means making a few alterations in your lifestyle to help keep your weight in check and avoid complications, but what about going out to eat? After the surgery, will you never enjoy spending time with friends and family at a restaurant? That’s not the case. The following are some handy tips to consider to stay comfortable when eating out after bariatric surgery.

Research and Check the Menu Online

Before going to any restaurant, the first thing to do is ensure the meal options meet the post-surgery requirements. You want to ensure they serve healthy meals, especially those rich in proteins and vegetables, and that use healthy fats for cooking. To be safe, you can take the time to choose the place yourself, ensuring that their options are nutritious.

Get Creative With Your Order

If you feel that the options do not necessarily align with your body’s changes, you can always customize your orders. Luckily, most restaurants are kind enough to accommodate you when you make special requests. When eating out after gastric sleeve, you can ask for dressing or sauces on the sides or only take salads. So be sure to communicate your needs with the servers.

Remember Mindful Eating and Portion Control

You must be on guard after surgery to avoid eating certain things like gum and excessive sugar and to avoid oversized portions. Mindful eating helps you adhere to this because you can listen to your body’s cues telling you that you are full. Take the time to savor your bites, and take pauses in between. To be safe, you can even order appetizers or get a take-away container to save half the portion for later.

Stay Hydrated

One more tip when eating out after a gastric sleeve surgery is to stay hydrated. The risk of confusing thirst as hunger may make you indulge more. You can drink water 30 minutes before eating, and if you must take something between meals, make sure you sip slowly and avoid drinking too much. Lastly, it is best to avoid alcohol when eating because it means more calorie intake, and it may also interfere with your mindful eating habits.

Seek advice From the Best in the Industry

Eating out after any weight loss surgery means thorough research and planning. Unlike preparing a meal at home, you must check the menu and make special requests if necessary. Be mindful of the tips above to avoid complications, and if you have any concerns, be sure to consult with the best bariatric surgeon in NYC from Lenox Hill Hospital.