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Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Once you, your medical team and your family have decided that weight loss surgery is your best obesity treatment option, the next step is to start preparing for bariatric surgery. Here at Lenox Hill Bariatric Surgery, we use a comprehensive, multi-step pre-operative protocol that includes medical testing, patient education, and physiological screening.

Whether you’re preparing for gastric bypass, gastric sleeveduodenal switch surgery (DS), revision surgery or another surgical weight loss procedure, our bariatric surgery pre-op preparation program is a critical part of your weight loss journey. We want you to have all the information and support you need to achieve the best possible outcomes from your bariatric surgery while ensuring our medical team has an in-depth, accurate understanding of your medical history.

The EMMI Education Program

Research and experience has shown us that pre-operative patient education programs significantly improve patient satisfaction rates and success following weight loss surgery — that’s why we’ve included a web-based educational program as part of our bariatric surgery preparation protocol.

After your educational program, you’ll be asked to complete the interactive Expectation Management and Medical Information, or EMMI, program which walks you through the entire bariatric surgery experience, explains potential risks, and discusses surgical alternatives. This educational program includes a written exam, and it can be completed using your own computer or tablet at your convenience.

Once you’ve completed the EMMI program, you’ll meet with one of our weight loss specialists to review any questions you might have and confirm that weight loss surgery is the best option for you.

Pre-Operative Forms

To help you save time during your next visit to Lenox Hill, we’ve included links to the forms you’ll need to complete when preparing for bariatric surgery. Simply print out these forms, fill in the information, and submit them to us prior to meeting with your bariatric surgeon.

Preoperative Testing

As with all types of surgery, you’ll be required to complete medical tests as part of your bariatric surgery preparation protocol. These tests may include blood and urine analysis, an EKG, x-rays, and/or testing of your GI tract.

You may also be referred for an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), cardiac evaluation, sleep testing, and consultations with a psychologist, cardiologist, nutritionist and other medical specialists.

These tests are designed to maximize your safety, minimize the surgical risks and ensure that bariatric surgery is the best obesity treatment for you.

Bariatric Surgery Scheduling

Once you’ve completed all of the pre-op education, documentation and testing, we will seek surgical approval from your insurance provider.

When approval has been provided or alternative financing arrangement is verified, you’ll be provided a surgery date.

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The first step in preparing for bariatric surgery is attending our free weight loss surgery seminar.

If you have more questions about preparing for bariatric surgery, contact us here or call us at 1-888-949-9344.

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