Research and New Techniques

Dr. Roslin is the Principal Investigator of the Restore Trial.  This is a 10 center national study that is investigating whether an endoscopic suturing technique can be used to modify the outlet in gastric bypass patients that have regained weight or never lost an adequate amount of weight. This is an FDA approved trial that is listed on the clinical trials registry. It is only being performed at leading academic medical centers. Medical fees for the trial are covered by the sponsor, C. R. Bard.

Dr. Roslin is the Principal Investigator for Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Obesity. This clinical trial examined the use of nerve stimulation of the major nerve of the digestive tract to mimic satiety in obese individuals. During this clinical trial several patients had significant weight loss. Dr. Roslin holds several patents in this area and this is an active area of investigation for future treatments.

Dr. Roslin holds several patents and patent applications for novel approaches. He has licensed patents to C.R. Bard on endoscopic obesity treatments, and Cyberonics for vagus nerve stimulation. He additionally has a patent application for a novel band product that is being developed.