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5 Weight-Loss Surgery Myths (Part 2)


Bariatric surgery is a treatment for those with severe obesity. It helps you achieve and maintain substantial weight loss and improves the health and quality of one’s life. Every surgery comes with its risks and possible complications. Bariatric surgery is no different; however, many myths prevent people from moving forward. 

Weight Loss Myths

Myth 1: You’ll regain the weight after surgery, so it’s not worth it

This myth stems from many people’s concerns when considering bariatric surgery. 85% of weight loss surgery patients successfully maintain at least 50% of their excess weight loss.

Myth 2: Bariatric surgery will improve your relationships and make you happy

Going through weight loss surgery will not magically improve your relationships and make you happier. However, it does allow you to have a higher quality of life. With that, you have the chance to improve your relationships and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Myth 3: Bariatric surgery brings instant results

It takes time to see results after coming out of weight loss surgery. To see great results in a short amount of time, you must work hard to get there. After the procedure, you can lose excess weight faster than diet and exercise alone. 

Myth 4: You can return to your old lifestyle after surgery

In the following 8-12 months after surgery, patients go through what doctors call a “honeymoon phase,” where they rapidly lose weight, regardless of lifestyle habits. This phase is typically due to hormonal changes in the gut. However, this phase does not last forever, and patients must develop a healthy lifestyle to maintain their weight loss.

Myth 5: Weight loss surgery is the easy way out

Patients who go through this surgery must follow a daily regimented schedule. There are also exercise and lifestyle changes that you must make to lose and maintain weight loss. Weight loss surgery and a commitment to lifestyle change provide long-term weight loss. However, surgery also improves the health and quality of life of those who undergo the procedure.

If you want to learn more about weight-loss surgery and maybe even explore your options, then Lenox Hill can help! Reach out to us and schedule an appointment for a consultation.