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Coffee After Gastric Sleeve Surgery—Is It Allowed?

Coffee After Gastric Sleeve Surgery—Is It Allowed?


Coffee drinkers know that the best way to kick-start their mornings is with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. However, if you have just undergone weight loss surgery, surgeons recommend avoiding certain foods and drinks. Junk foods like popcorn are on that list, which makes you wonder, can you drink coffee after a gastric sleeve?

What Happens When You Ingest Coffee After a Gastric Sleeve?

Diet and exercise are crucial after undergoing surgery. They keep you in shape and promote healthy and speedy weight loss. Experts advise that you must completely refrain from drinking coffee or any other caffeinated or carbonated drink for the first 90 days post-surgery. You need to avoid certain foods and drinks until your body fully recovers and adjusts to the new digestive changes. So, why is coffee on the list of foods to avoid?

It Is Acidic

If you are wondering if you can drink coffee after gastric sleeve, know that it contains high amounts of acid, which is the last thing you want to consume after the surgery. After the procedure, you are more vulnerable to GERD and acid reflux, meaning coffee will easily irritate your stomach lining, causing a lot of pain.

It Causes Dehydration

Coffee is known for its diuretic effect (dehydration of the body). Patients are always advised to drink more water and stay hydrated all through the day to facilitate healing and promote a healthy gut, but drinking coffee has the opposite effect. Therefore, it is best to avoid it and switch to healthier drinks.

It Causes Poor Gut Motility

Your gut motility will be affected while you are recovering after surgery. Food doesn’t move through your digestive system as usual, and essential nutrients are not fully absorbed like they were before the surgery. You must eat highly nutritious foods to enhance the absorption rate, which is not the case with caffeinated drinks, which lack essential nutrients.

When Can I Drink Coffee After Gastric Sleeve?

Refrain from coffee for the first 90 days after surgery, and even after that, take it in moderation. Remember that every person is different, so it is best to consult with your doctor on such matters. To be safe, consider healthier drink alternatives like water, green tea, smoothies, and herbal tea (non-caffeinated).

Consult a Professional Bariatric Surgeon in New York City

It is expected that you will feel overwhelmed when it comes to your new lifestyle with dietary restrictions. To be sure, you can consult with us about all matters regarding weight loss surgery and the best foods to eat after New York City bariatric surgery at Lennox Hill Hospital.