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Popcorn After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Popcorn After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve is one of the most effective weight loss procedures. However, to maximize its success, you should adjust your lifestyle by eating right and frequently exercising. One of the most common questions post-surgery is what foods to avoid. For instance, you may wonder, can you eat popcorn after gastric sleeve?

Risks Involved When Eating Popcorn Post-Surgery

Popcorn is quite popular thanks to its low-calorie and high-fiber content. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins, being a whole-grain option. Despite its numerous benefits, it is on the list of foods not recommended for patients, just like fizzy drinks, pasta, gum, and other high-sugar and high-calorie options. Here are compelling reasons to avoid eating popcorn.

It Causes Dumping Syndrome

You can’t eat popcorn after gastric sleeve because it contains high amounts of carbs and fats, which can easily trigger dumping syndrome. This condition occurs when you overeat in one sitting, making it tasking for the body to properly digest the food, leading to bloating, diarrhea, stomach pains, and other symptoms.

It Causes Dehydration

You notice that you get incredibly thirsty after eating popcorn because, as a dry food, it tends to absorb moisture while you eat it. You need to hydrate more after surgery, so the more popcorn you eat, the more water you need. Otherwise, you will likely suffer headaches, dizziness, and other dehydration-related symptoms.

It May Cause Stomach Blockage

Popcorn is rich in fiber, and although that is good for your body, it can be a problem after a gastric sleeve. Your stomach finds it hard to digest such high amounts of fiber, especially in massive chunks. That has a risk of blocking your stomach, which is the last thing you want after a gastric sleeve.

Tips When Eating Popcorn Post-Surgery

If you are worried about whether you can have popcorn after a gastric sleeve, you don’t have to forgo your favorite snack as long as you practice caution. You can only eat it in small portions at a given time. Secondly, avoid adding oil or other toppings and extra seasoning that will be tasking for your body to break down. Also, make sure you drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration.

Watch Your Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It is crucial to watch your diet, especially after a gastric sleeve in NYC. If you are unsure what to eat, consult the surgeons at Lenox Hill Hospital for guidance or more information about the procedure.