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The Benefits of Losing Weight with a Bariatric Weight-Loss Procedure


When it comes to bariatric surgery, losing weight isn’t the only benefit. Sure, weight-loss procedures, when used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, do facilitate rapid weight-loss. However, losing weight and developing a healthier lifestyle have multiple positive ramifications for your total overall health, mental well-being, and financial stability.

Improved Physical Health

Losing weight reduces your risk for several obesity-related diseases and conditions. Your likelihood of developing heart disease, having a stroke, and suffering from high blood pressure all go down. In addition, your risk for several cancers decreases, including endometrial, liver, kidney, and pancreatic cancer, among many others.

If you begin your weight-loss journey with an obesity-related condition, it’s possible you may go into remission. Some patients find their obstructive sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes improve or even disappear entirely after losing weight. 

Extra weight can also put quite a bit of stress on your joints—being just 10 pounds overweight increases the pressure on your knees by 30–40 pounds. Losing weight can help decrease your chance of developing osteoarthritis and other joint conditions.

Improved Mental Health

To achieve healthy weight-loss, exercise is required. Working out releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins, boosting your mood and relieving stress. Regular physical activity is also shown to help people fall asleep faster and to lead to better-quality sleep.

Many bariatric patients have also reported an increase in self-confidence and general happiness, as well as a sense of accomplish at having achieved their weight-loss goals. While there is correlation between mental illness and obesity, doctors recommend an approach that incorporates losing weight, as well as addressing issues like depression through therapy.

If you’re considering a bariatric procedure to facilitate your weight-loss, there’s no finer partner than Lenox Hill’s Bariatric Surgery Program. With advanced surgical techniques, a focus on safety and education, and an expert staff, our team is ready to help you start your weight-loss journey.