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The Benefits of Strength and Cardio Training for Bariatric Patients


For patients that decide to undergo bariatric surgery, they understand that developing a healthy lifestyle is about so much more than simply losing weight. Bariatric weight loss surgery is an effective solution to start to process, but the right support, nutrition, and exercise routine are equally influential.

After undergoing bariatric surgery, you will find an array of support services available, including nutritional guidance and tips to develop successful exercise routines. Because bariatric surgery alone is not the key to lasting success, consider the impact of cardio and strength training after your weight loss surgery.

Cardio Training for Increased Energy

The benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise (also called aerobic exercise) are pretty much endless. Adequate cardio is important for your heart health, sleep patterns, energy levels, and yes, losing weight. Studies show that regular cardio also increases your confidence, mental acuity, and helps you work through anxiety.

Early after your bariatric surgery, you should start some cardio exercises as soon as you feel comfortable. You might begin with walks, increasing the length of time of your walking, and build up to swimming, hiking, or running.

Strength Training for Lean Muscles

Lean, healthy muscles are vital to burn calories. Adequate muscle mass also helps protect your bones. As with cardio, it’s important to start slow. Don’t feel pressured to push yourself beyond your comfort levels. Improper strength training often leads to injuries, so be sure to listen to your body as you develop your muscles.

For bariatric patients, strength training exercises like lunges, squats, and lifting weights are great. You should also work on developing your core strength, which will help tone your muscles and prevent future injuries.

Exercise Warm-ups and Cool Downs

With any exercise routine, you need to give your body time to prepare and recover. Warming up before a workout gets your blood flowing and prepares your body for exercise while cooling down after a workout helps your muscles get rid of the lactic acid that builds up during a workout, which can be bad for your muscles. Be sure to ease into your new workout routine and drink plenty of water.

Bariatric Weight Loss Resources

At Lenox Hill Bariatric Surgery Program, our mission is to help patients lose weight quickly and keep the weight off. Our team includes some of the country’s leading obesity, surgery, and nutrition partnerships. These experts are equipped with comprehensive weight loss resources that provide our patients with guidance for healthy, lasting weight loss.