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Vitamins Needed After Weight Loss Surgery

Vitamins Needed After Weight Loss Surgery


Bariatric surgery will impact your digestive system, affecting your food intake. The surgery reduces the size of an individual’s stomach, making them consume less food. The surgery also alters the small intestines, affecting the absorption of nutrients. This means that a bariatric patient may not absorb enough vitamins, hence the need to take vitamin supplements for the rest of their life for good health. What are the best vitamins to take after bariatric surgery? Read on to find out.

What Vitamins Should I Take After Gastric Sleeve

After your bariatric surgery, you are prone to a deficiency of critical vitamins if you do intake them through supplements. Therefore, your bariatrician will prescribe some of the vitamins you need, but you can also purchase them over the counter from the supermarket or pharmacy. These vitamins include:

A-Z Multivitamins

Start by taking your multivitamins as soon as you can after surgery. Your doctor will prescribe a soluble formula for the first month after discharge and tablets later. In the first month, consider complete multivitamins and avoid vitamin skin patches and gummy options. Ensure you take the supplements with food or after meals to minimize nausea.

If taking over-the-counter multivitamins, take them in the morning and at bedtime. Remember, these supplements are different, and some surgeries will demand more multivitamins compared to others. Therefore, consult your bariatrician to establish if your vitamin routine meets your needs.

Vitamin D Combined Formula

If you are wondering what vitamins I should take after bariatric surgery, consider the vitamin D combined formula. Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorus levels in the body and keeps the muscles and teeth healthy. Generally, you will need up to 3,000 international units of vitamin D3 daily. To take this vitamin, add it to your multivitamin and check if it meets your needs.

Vitamin B12

Bariatricians also recommend vitamin B12 in the vitamins bariatric patients should take list. This vitamin maintains the nervous system and helps generate the red blood cells. Changes in your small intestine and stomach after bariatric surgery will affect your vitamin B12 intake, risking deficiency.

You can take these supplements orally or through injection. If taking orally, consider 500 mg every day, and if by monthly injection, follow your healthcare professional prescription. Remember to review your intake annually with the help of your bariatric team through an annual blood draw.

Simplify Your Vitamin Supplement Routine

Taking your vitamin supplements regularly will increase your endurance, and retaining the schedule will increase success. For more information on New York City bariatric surgery, along with what vitamins should a bariatric patient take, contact Northwell Lenox Hill Hospital today.