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Why is support necessary after bariatric surgery


Life after weight loss surgery is an emotional and mental transformation as well as a physical change for bariatric patients. This can prove to be very emotionally and mentally exhausting and the proper support is needed for bariatric patients to continue excelling on their healthy journey.

Dietary support

There are numerous dietary and nutritional changes that need to be made after bariatric surgery. Bariatric patient’s doctors will advise them that more protein will need to be consumed and smaller portion sizes but executing these changes can be daunting and difficult. Furthermore, bariatric patients’ taste preferences might change in result to hormonal changes caused by surgery. This is why meeting with a nutritionist on a daily basis is essential for better weight loss results.

Exercise program support

Incorporating exercise after weight loss is also daunting for many bariatric patients. Joining bariatric patient fitness groups and classes will help create comradery and boost mental health for patients who are still working towards losing weight. Group motivation is a great way for fellow bariatric patients to share their struggles they face during their weight loss journey.

Support groups

Many doctors also advocate for patients to attend support groups and educational seminars to help them find a larger community of support. Life after weight loss surgery can be complicated and overwhelming at time. Introducing patients to others with similar struggles and obstacles boosts overall morale and self-esteem.