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How to Tell That You Have a Gastric Leak

How to Tell That You Have a Gastric Leak


Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most highly requested weight loss procedures by patients worldwide, thanks to its high rate of efficiency. However, like any other surgery, it also comes with potential risks, like back pain and leakages. If you have just undergone one, it helps to know the gastric sleeve leak symptoms and how to prevent such complications.

What Happens During Gastrointestinal Leaks After a Gastric Sleeve?

Leakages post-surgery cause severe complications for patients, which manifest differently based on the case. There are two types of leaks: staple lines and anastomotic. With an anastomotic leak, the condition occurs where the stomach has been stapled. Usually, it happens when patients have undergone surgery before or are suffering from diabetes. On the other hand, leaks along the staple lines occur along the staples after surgery. This is more common among patients struggling with alcoholism or severe cases of obesity.  

Signs of a Gastric Sleeve Leak

Gastric sleeve symptoms of a leak are easy to detect, the most common one being abdominal pain, ranging from mild to severe pain. You may also experience other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, chest pain, and respiratory distress. You should know how to detect the leak symptoms after gastric sleeve early and seek immediate medical attention. Otherwise, failure to recognize them makes them worse. You risk further complications like septic shock, gastric ulcers, and organ failure.

What to Do When You Suspect That You Have a Gastric Sleeve Leak

If you have noticed any of the symptoms above, the next step is to consult with your doctor. You should seek treatment immediately to avoid the situation escalating. Usually, doctors prescribe antibiotics to patients and other treatments for the infection, but in severe cases, treatment involves repair surgery.

Prevention is the best way to avoid such complications. Ensure that you take adequate rest after surgery and listen to your doctor as you follow the instructions to guarantee speedy recovery. Also, don’t skip any follow-ups with your doctors for frequent monitoring, and to be safe, remember to seek medical attention whenever you detect any of the leak symptoms.

Consult the Professionals

Are you thinking about undergoing a gastric sleeve in New York? Are you experiencing signs that you may have a post-surgery leak? Consult with our surgeons at Lennox Hill Hospital to find the way forward and the best treatment methods to get you back on your feet to continue your weight loss journey.