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Why Go For a Lap Band Surgery After a Gastric Bypass

Why Go For a Lap Band Surgery After a Gastric Bypass


Bariatric surgery is the answer if you are looking for an effective way to lose weight within a short time when other methods seem to fail. But what happens when you have undergone a gastric bypass but are yet to lose your target weight? Can you get a lap band after a gastric bypass instead of a full correctional surgery? Here’s what to know.

Can You Have a Lap Band After Gastric Bypass?

As advised by a surgeon, you can get lap band surgery after undergoing a gastric bypass. It is a procedure otherwise known as a band over bypass, and although not very popular, it is quite simple to get done. In most cases, patients opt for the band over gastric bypass at least a year later.

Why Go for a Band Over Bypass Surgery?

Patients undergo gastric bypass to help lose weight, and if that doesn’t happen, they opt for corrective surgeries. However, instead of redoing the entire process, doctors recommend going for a lap band surgery, which also works but is not as complex as a gastric bypass. The main reason why you can have a lap band surgery after a gastric bypass is if you didn’t lose your target weight after the initial surgery. It is also ideal if you feel like your weight has plateaued or you are starting to add more weight.

How Does a Band Over Bypass Surgery Work?

This procedure is also a laparoscopic surgery—the same as a lap band. Here, the surgeon makes small incisions in the abdomen and then ties your stomach pouch with the gastric band. As a result, the new stomach pouch will now hold even less food. The goal is to limit the patient’s food intake, which goes a long way to prevent overeating and, in turn, facilitates weight loss. It is an effective solution to keep you feeling full and reducing your food intake. It is also lauded for being a safer option than the conventional revisional procedures.

Lap Band Surgery After a Gastric Bypass

Have you previously undergone a gastric bypass but fear that it may have failed? Is your weight stagnant or increasing by the day, and you are uncertain about getting a correctional procedure? When you consult our surgeons from Lennox Hill Hospital, we will advise you on the best way forward, often recommending lap band surgery in NYC as a simpler and safer solution.