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Calories Intake After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Calories Intake After Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Following a special diet post-weight loss surgery is important for your body’s recovery and to get the intended results. There are several weight loss surgeries that alter the digestive system, enabling you to lose weight. Gastric sleeve is a common weight loss procedure that reduces hunger by removing up to half the stomach, leaving a thin vertical sleeve. The procedure is permanent, and patients should adjust to lifestyle changes post-surgery, including their calorie intake. Read on to discover the typical calorie intake after gastric sleeve.

The First Six Months

Immediately after your gastric sleeve surgery, your doctor will recommend liquids and pureed foods up to the second or third month, after which you will shift to more solid foods. During this period, maintain your gastric sleeve calorie intake as recommended by your doctor. As you shift to solid foods, increase your intake to 300 to 600 calories. This will also change over time, as you will be able to consume 1,000 calories daily around six months post-surgery.

Calorie Intake After Gastric Sleeve—Six Months To One Year

After the initial six months, gradually increase your calorie intake to 1,200 calories per day. While this number is still low, it is enough to support proper nutrition and your weight loss goals.

Calorie Intake 1 Year After Gastric Sleeve

After a year and more post-surgery, your body can accommodate more calories, and most patients will consume up to 1,500 calories per day comfortably. The number is low compared to average consumption but adequate for a healthy lifestyle, and taking more than this could inhibit weight loss post-surgery.

So, What Level of Calories Is Okay?

The amount of calorie intake after sleeve gastrectomy depends on an individual’s current weight and activity. A balanced diet post-surgery should be comprised of healthy fats, lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Given that your stomach size will be greatly reduced, pay attention to portion sizes to not overwork your system.

Manage Your Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A gastric sleeve procedure shrinks your stomach size, reducing hunger and overall food intake. Managing your calorie intake after VSG will help you attain your weight loss goals, and your surgeon will guide your food options. Stick to their recommendations until your body can accommodate enough to sustain its requirements. If you are considering gastric sleeve surgery in NYC, contact Lenox Hill Hospital for a consultation.