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Pasta After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Pasta After Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Pasta is a favorite food for most people around the world. However, if you recently had gastric sleeve surgery, this food preference may have to change, given its high-calorie level that is unsuitable for your health. Does this mean you must avoid the meal altogether? Read on to understand when you can eat pasta after gastric sleeve.

When Can I Have Pasta After Gastric Sleeve?

Immediately after gastric sleeve surgery, you will be under a 4-phase diet, and you should follow each to ensure the success of your surgery and limit post-operative complications.

In the first and second phases, limit your diet to liquids and pureed foods; hence, no pasta. You will start introducing soft foods like eggs, Greek yogurt, and some fruits and non-starchy vegetables in phase three, but still, avoid pasta as your body is still adjusting to the dietary and lifestyle changes.

So, when can you eat pasta after gastric sleeve? The twelfth week marks the start of the last phase toward attaining your weight loss goal and will differ in length among individuals. You will start adding most of the foods into your diet, including all fruits and lean meat, and then… Pasta!

How Do You Add Pasta To Your Diet?

While your system is healed by the time you are introducing pasta after gastric sleeve, this process should be gradual to give your body ample time to adjust. Start with a small portion and check your body’s reaction, then gradually increase the amount to as much as your stomach can hold without surpassing the recommendations ideal for meeting your weight loss goals.

A Healthy Way To Introduce Pasta After Bariatric Surgery

Despite its high carb content, pasta can be a healthy food choice, depending on how you add it to your diet. To minimize postsurgical complications, keep your blood sugars stable, and get all the nutrients that your body needs, go for whole grain pasta rather than refined pasta and pair your meal with lean proteins and vegetables. Lastly, watch your portions and avoid overeating lest you mess with your weight loss goals.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Weight Loss

When eating pasta after gastric sleeve, introduce the food in the final phase and be careful with how you do it. For more information about medically approved ways to reduce weight, contact Lenox Hill Hospital for gastric sleeve surgery in NYC today.