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The Dangers of Fad Diets | Why Do Fad Diets Never Seem to Work?


The internet is an excellent source of information, but not all the information is valuable. With so many voices and ideas, it’s not uncommon for diet fads that don’t work to skyrocket in popularity. Popular fad diets make big promises but often fail to deliver and can leave people in a worse place than they were before. How can people separate good, scientifically proven advice from trends with so many fad diets circulating online? 

What Are Some Fad Diet Examples?

You’ve undoubtedly heard many examples of fad diets. For people who are a little older, you may remember when meal replacement shakes were a global craze. These were replaced by others like detoxification diets, the alkaline diet, and dieting based on blood type. Today eaters can see how they’ve evolved with diets like the carnivore and lectin-free diets. 

It can be challenging to know what is a fad and what isn’t, but popular fad diets have some qualities in common:

  • Promoting a Quick Fix – Plenty of fad diets promise quick results. You may see diets claim that you can lose dozens of pounds in weeks. Some might even argue that they help you drop pounds in a few days. When you see these claims, it is a common sign that the diet in question is nothing more than a fad.  
  • Promising Dramatic Results – Be careful when things sound too good to be true. This event is a sure sign of a fad diet. Fad diets in the past have claimed to reverse diseases overnight or promise permanent results even after going off the diet. 
  • Demanding Heavy Restrictions – Fad diets often impose heavy restrictions on certain foods and even entire food groups. When a diet tries to impose heavy restrictions, recognize it as a fad diet. Healthy eating requires balance, which includes a wide array of foods. 

Why Popular Fad Diets Don’t Work

Fad diets don’t work because they fail to equip you for the long term. Educating yourself about what makes a well-rounded diet is critical while promoting healthy habits like exercise. You can make changes that will help you on your weight-loss journey, but none of them can transform your body overnight. Losing weight is not a sprint; it is a marathon. You can efficiently run the weight-loss marathon by making healthy, sustainable choices for the long haul. 

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