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Preventing Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery—4 Diet Management Tips

Preventing Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery—4 Diet Management Tips


While hair loss after bariatric surgery is common, this condition is temporary, and your hair will regrow over time. Individuals who undergo bariatric surgery, either a gastric sleeve or bypass, will more likely lose hair than those who undergo the Lap Band procedure, as the former experience rapid weight loss. The body also undergoes more stress from this surgery and will shift the available nutrients to vital organs, temporarily stopping hair growth. While hair loss post-bariatric surgery is a reality for most people, proper diet management can prevent or slow down this process.

1.  Increased Protein Intake

Protein is a building block for most body cells, including those responsible for hair growth. Meeting a daily recommendation of 60 grams a day is advisable to prevent thinning hair after bariatric surgery. Consume lean red meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, chia seeds, flax, and beans, and if you are a vegan, pair your options to ensure a supply of all essential amino acids and to prevent hair loss after gastric bypass. While protein is helpful for hair growth, stick to your doctor’s recommendations, as too much will interfere with your weight loss goals.

2.  Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins, especially the B vitamins, are necessary to keep your hair healthy and full. Take your vitamins consistently to prevent gastric sleeve hair loss and reduce fatigue due to low nutrient levels.

3.  Check Your Iron Levels

If you are losing hair after gastric sleeve surgery, it could also be a problem with your iron levels. Your dietician can rule out deficiency depending on your symptoms, which include pale skin, fatigue, weakness, and the inability to regulate body temperature. Blood work can further confirm low iron levels. Supplement your meals to manage sleeve surgery hair loss by eating iron-rich foods like egg yolk, red meat, legumes, and dark green vegetables. When consumed alongside vitamin-C-rich foods, the absorption is enhanced.

4.  Include Zinc

If you are still experiencing bariatric surgery hair loss after trying the above recommendations, consider zinc, an important mineral for hair growth and development. Consult your dietician before considering zinc because, in excessive amounts, zinc can pose some side effects.

Proper Diet Management After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery and hair loss are intertwined in most cases, but with proper diet management, you can reduce hair loss and regrow healthy hair. If you experience gastric bypass hair loss six months post-surgery, contact your doctor, as it could indicate the need for more nutrients. For more information on weight loss surgery, contact Lenox Hill Hospital for weight loss surgery in New York.