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Choosing the Right Bariatric Surgery for You

Choosing the Right Bariatric Surgery for You


Bariatric surgeries are effective weight-loss solutions. Since there are various options, it can be overwhelming to decide which version is best for you. For the most accurate advice specific to your situation, it is best to consult your doctor and ask questions about the benefits and risks involved. Here are common types of bariatric surgeries and the factors to consider when choosing the right one.

Gastric Bypass / Roux-en-Y

This is one of the most popular bariatric procedures, and it has a high efficacy rate. It entails creating a tiny pouch in the stomach and then bypassing a section of the small intestines; this decreases food consumption and calorie absorption.

Gastric Sleeve / Sleeve Gastrectomy

If you want a less invasive procedure than a bypass or want to avoid the related risks, you can opt for a gastric sleeve. This procedure entails removing a section of the stomach to leave behind a smaller pouch or sleeve. Your new stomach will be tinier and in the shape of a banana, making you feel full faster. As a result, your food and calorie intake will significantly reduce.

Lap Band / Gastric Banding

If you have a history of acid reflux or heartburn, doctors will recommend this procedure over the two above. It is one of the least invasive and flexible solutions because it involves placing a band around the upper part of the stomach, leaving it smaller. The advantage is that this band can be adjusted or removed as required.

Duodenal Switch

If you are wondering which bariatric surgery is best for you if you want to lose the most weight, consider the duodenal switch. It has one of the highest success rates and is the choice for patients seeking significant weight loss. During the procedure, the doctors remove a portion of the stomach and bypass a large part of the intestines, reducing the amount of food you eat and absorb.

How To Choose the Right Surgery

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right bariatric surgery, but your doctor will take you through the options. For instance, if you are obese and want to lose as much weight as possible, the bypass and duodenal switch are recommended. Your healthy history will also matter because patients with acid reflux issues opt for gastric banding. Lastly, you must also account for the recovery time and the risks involved because each procedure differs.

Trust an Experienced Medical Professional To Handle Your Bariatric Surgery

If you have struggled with weight loss and need an effective solution, trust the bariatric surgery experts in NY from Lenox Hill Hospital. You need skilled and experienced professionals who will present you with all the options and advise you on which surgery will work best for you.