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Can You Ever Eat Pizza After Gastric Bypass?


A gastric sleeve surgery removes a large portion of your stomach, and giving it time to heal is advisable before resuming your normal functions. During recovery after bariatric surgery in NY, you must eat smaller portions and avoid foods like pizza, which are high in sugar and fat. Does this mean you are barred completely from eating pizza? Read on to find out when you can eat pizza after a gastric bypass.

Can You Eat Pizza After Gastric Bypass?

If you frequently enjoy a slice of pizza, you may wonder, ‘When can I have pizza after gastric bypass surgery?’ Fortunately, you do not have to eliminate pizza from your diet forever after a bypass surgery, but you should wait for at least 6 weeks before you can comfortably enjoy your delicacy. While doing this, you should be mindful of its nutritional value when you choose to consume it, given that it has sugar that can cause weight gain over time.

Gauging your pizza’s nutritional value is dependent on what you put on it, and a vegetable-rich pizza will be ideal for its vitamins A and C. To improve your pizza quality, spice your toppings with peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and other rich vegetables. Your pizza should also be low in carbs, and you should watch your portions if you are to meet your long-term weight loss goals.

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Is My Body Ready for Pizza After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery alters your digestive system through surgical changes, limiting the amount of food you take and your nutrient uptake. Eating pizza after gastric bypass is unadvisable in the first weeks as its greasiness may affect digestion, causing digestive discomfort or even pain. So, how long after a gastric bypass can you eat pizza?

To be on the safe side, stick to the eating plan prescribed by your doctor, as this will assist in quick recovery and also quicken your weight loss. Your doctor will prescribe an all-liquid rich-in-protein diet pre- and post-surgery for your body to access all the nutrients it needs.

After surgery, your body will experience hormonal changes that will reduce your hunger pangs and make you feel full faster, promoting weight loss. Afterward, your doctor will introduce solid foods gradually, and months later, you can incorporate a small piece of pizza on your menu.

Adjust Your Diet With the Help of a Professional

Your diet is critical following a gastric bypass surgery, and while you will have pizza cravings, avoiding it in the first weeks of your recovery is inevitable. Schedule a consultation for gastric bypass surgery in NYC at Lenox Hill Bariatric Surgery Program and let our professionals walk the journey with you.