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Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery: The Top 5 Reasons


Bariatric surgery helps you attain your weight loss goals, but the results vary among individuals, with some regaining weight 2 – 10 years later. These fluctuations are common, hence the need to change lifestyle habits, including exercise and diet. A weight fluctuation of five to ten pounds is normal, but more than this should be an alarm. Read on for the five top reasons you might gain weight after gastric sleeve.

1.  Old Eating Habits

One of the reasons you will experience weight gain after gastric sleeve surgery is falling back into your old eating habits. Snacking between meals will increase your weight as most snacks are rich in sugars and carbohydrates. Also, if you sit down for unplanned meals, you will likely overeat or consume foods outside your nutrition plan. Therefore, as a bariatric patient, you should eat five small meals daily, and these meals require proper planning.

2.  Change in Your Exercise Routine

Another reason you may be gaining weight after a gastric sleeve is a change in your physical activity. Weight loss typically occurs when your body, through increased metabolism, burns more calories than you are consuming. Therefore, to maintain a healthy weight post-surgery, prioritize enjoyable exercise—whether swimming, walking, or being a part of a sports team—and remain consistent.

3.  Increased Stress Levels

Stress results in putting on weight after gastric sleeve due to increased production of the hormone cortisol, which then encourages your body to have high blood glucose levels. An increased glucose level can lower your metabolism and impair your thyroid function, resulting in post-gastric bypass weight gain.

4.  Lack of Support

Support from family and friends can help you through the adjustment period of a significant lifestyle change. Therefore, talk to your family before your surgery and emphasize the importance of their support to promote the long-term success of your surgery.

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5.  Anatomical Changes of the Surgical Site

Anatomical changes are the least common reason for putting on weight after a gastric bypass. If, over time, you train your stomach pouch to accommodate a higher food volume, you will experience weight gain after gastric surgery, as you will not have the initial feeling of fullness that you once had. Gastro-gastric fistula due to a staple line leak may also render the gastric bypass weight loss effects ineffective.

Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery?

Patients can experience weight gain after bariatric surgery due to the above reasons. If your weight gain exceeds the 5 to 10 pounds mark, visit Lenox Hill Hospital for an appointment to rule out anatomical concerns. And if you’re seeking bariatric surgery in NYC, our expert surgeons are ready to assist.